Mama Blue's News

By Marilyn Blue


Marilyn Blue

Hello Twang Friends,


There's a lot going on and a lot to be thankful for.  First of all, I completed my CyberKnife radiation treatments and the doctors have given us a license to fly.  Richie and I are excited that we can travel once again.  This means we will be heading to our favorite tour stops this summer and fall.  We'll have more news on the summer and fall tours later.


Richie's band BlueJacket will be completing their CD and tunes will be posted on the myspace/ webpage.  There's a lot of get down soul rockin' and I'm sure you'll dig it.


Also in the works is Richie's new CD project which I know is way overdue.  Richie will be recording throughout the summer with an early fall release.  Richie's calling this his roots project with songs that inspired him in his younger days.  There'll be a lot of country soul, some intrumentals and flat out rock n roll.


Richie and I will keep the news page updated frequently so until then, we'll be seein' you on the highways of America.  Keep twangin!!